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18th century drama!

Did you say actresses and actors? I thought so!
all you need to know about theatres!
Did you say actresses and actors? I thought so!

Sarah Kemble Siddons

Sarah Kemble Siddons: she was an English actress born into a famous family. At 18 she was married to William Siddons. One of her more famous roles was Lady MacBeth, and that was her final performance. She frequently awed the audience with her voice. She was one of the greatest actresses.

Nell Gwyn

Nell Gwyn: (aka Pretty Witty Nell) she was one of the more famous actresses of this period. She got her start when she was 15! Soon after that she became the mistress of Charles II. She was a comic actress and most known for her role as Almahide in Conquest of Granada

Kitty Clive: (aka Catherine Raftor) was an English singer and actress. Her first performance was at Drury Lane. She was very witty and charming. After her marriage and divorce to George Clive, she established her own reputation as a comic actress and singer.

Kitty Clive

What would theatre be without actors and actresses??

Davenants play The Seige of Rhodes, marked the movement of women on stage. Women being on stage changed acting forever!

Thomas Killigrew

Now for the men:

Theatre would not be the way it is today if it were not for Thomas Killigrew: an English dramatist and manager. He was given a warrant to form a theatre company, which became known as the King's Company. Killigrew wrote nine plays. Out of all nine, his best known plays was The Parson's Wedding. Charles the second granted Killigrew and Davenant the opportunity to build two new theatres and form companies of players. Killigrews establishment was the first to be made. He called it the King's Servants and it was formed at Gibbon's tennis court. Three years after that he moved to his new building: The Theatre Royal, in Drury Lane.

Thomas Killigrew does not get all the credit. Along side him was William Davenant. He was a poet, playwright, war general, and a theatre manager. He was named poet of England, and often called a poet at heart. One of his most famous plays was called The Wits.

David Garrick: an English actor and manager of theatres. His first piece was Lethe or Aesop in the Shades. He appeared on stage incognito when an actor got sick. He stopped acting and stuck with managing The Drury Lane Theatre.

William Davenant

Theatre Royal at Drury Lane

David Garrick

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